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Military Sketching & Map Reading (1917) | compass

Military Sketching and Map Reading for Non-Coms & Men (1917)

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Major R. F. Legge
(The Leinster Regiment)

GALE AND POLDEN, Aldershot, 1917

An original 1917 WW1 British military manual covering training in all aspects of military sketching, map reading and the use of the service compass. A comprehensive and detailed manual, written for N.C.O.s and soldiers and published in 1917. The book is well illustrated with drawings and maps (some in colour). In the preface, the author states that:

'Military Sketching and Map Reading are now, wisely, prominent features in the training of non-commissioned officers and men of both the Regular and Auxiliary Forces. That they have also become subjects of instruction in our Army Schools is further proof that the authorities recognize the immense utility of having, on active service, non-commissioned officers and men who can read a map accurately and be trusted to turn out a sketch which will give an officer a fair idea of the ground it is intended to represent'.


In good condition. The card cover is in good condition, with a few minor marks and creases. The binding and hinges are good and secure. The text and illustrations are in very good condition, with just a few creased corners.

Published: 1917
Red card covers
Fully illustrated with drawings, diagrams & maps
Dimensions: 120mm x 180mm
Pages: 78