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WW2 RAF Air Ministry | Secret Radar Manual

Air Ministry Secret Radar Manual (1944)

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A Summary of Operational, Technical
and General Data


AIR MINISTRY,  October 1944

An extremely rare confidential WW2 Air Ministry Radar manual, published in October 1944. The book is a detailed and very well illustrated summary of information about the various types of A.M.E.S. (Air Ministry Experimental Stations) land based and mobile radar equipment in use by British armed forces in 1944. AMES was originally the name given to the Air Ministry's development team at Bawdsey Manor immediately before the outbreak of WW2. The AMES acronym became the basis for naming RAF radar systems throughout the war. This manual includes details of the many AMES Types, from 5 MK II to 57, as well as Anti-Aircraft and Coastal Artillery Radar equipment. It was clearly an important and top secret document at the time, and is marked 'Restricted', and 'Confidential', with additional warnings relating to the Official Secrets Act on the front cover. Illustrated throughout with numerous photographs, this book would be an invaluable resource and reference work for anyone interested in British radar operations and equipment during WW2. 

In very good condition. The cover is in very good condition, with a few marks. The lace fastened binding is secure and in good condition. The text, diagrams and photographs are in very good condition. With 'Air ministry' 'Imperial War Museum - Withdrawn', 'Whitehall', and Air Ministry Library stamps, and the remains of a 'Restricted' label on the cover.
Published: 1944
Illustrated with photographs & diagrams
Khaki binder with black titling
Dimensions: 190mm 260mm
Pages: 150 (approx)