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Antique Brass Cased Pocket Compass c.1900

Brass Cased Pocket Compass c.1900

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An unusual Brass cased pocket compass, dating from around the end of the 19th century. The compass features a lacquered brass case, thick bevelled glass, paper compass card, agate jewelled pivot and flat blued needle. The cardinal points are marked in very bold black lettering against a white dial, suggesting that this was intended to be used in low light, possibly as  a night marching compass. The compass needle is also rather unusual, having a cut-out section towards the north end, again possibly to aid with low light viewing. I have never seen this type of cut-out before on a flat compass needle. There is a manually operated transit lock, operated by a sliding button on the side of the case, with an additional tiny lever that damps the needle movement when depressed. The style of the case is similar to examples made by Francis Barker & Son c.1900, and the compass card design is similar to Barker designs of that period. But there are no maker's marks on the compass, and it cannot definitely be attributed to Barker.


The compass is in very good condition, full working order, and finds north very well. The brass case, compass card, and glass are all in very good condition. The transit lock is working very well.

Dimensions : 45mm (65mm including loop)