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Victorian Brass Pocket Compass c.1840

Victorian Brass Pocket Compass c.1840

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A Georgian or early Victorian Brass box English pocket compass, with a press-fit lid, dating from c.1840-1860. The brass case has developed an unusual reddish-coloured patina around the sides. With a paper compass card, which has some marks and staining, a finely made blued needle with gilt north and south markers, and a brass pivot. The compass is in good working order and finds North very well. The compass is nicely proportioned, at 70mm diameter, and just 12mm depth.


In good condition, and full working order. The compass finds North very well. With general signs of age, and some marks to the case. The case has an unusual reddish-coloured patina in places, and some marks. The lid is a very good fit. The paper compass card has some old water staining marks. The needle and glass are in very good condition.

Dimensions: 70mm diameter (depth: 12mm)