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Manual of Grenades (1942)

Manual of Grenades (1942)

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And New Grenade Chart

Major J. I. Cowan


An original WW2 hand grenade manual, undated, but published by Bernards Ltd c.1942. This manual covers the grenades in use with the Allied and German armies during WW2. Full of detailed practical instructions and information on hand and rifle grenades in common use at the time. Many well known devices, such as the No. 36 Mills Bomb, Sticky Bomb and German Stick Grenade are examined in detail. The book is well illustrated with technical drawings of the grenades and diagrams showing how they should be used in combat.


In very good condition. The cover is in good condition with minor signs of use and some marks. The stapled binding is good and secure. The text and illustrations are in very good condition, with some slightly creased corners. 

Published: c.1942
Illustrated card covers, stapled binding
Illustrated with line drawings and diagrams
Dimensions: 180mm x 105mm
Pages: 48