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Map and Compass Reading (1943) | Compass Library

Map and Compass Reading (1943)

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W/O A. H. Dickson
(Army Educational Corps)

BERNARDS LTD, London, 1943

A WW2 military map and compass navigation manual, published by Bernards Ltd in 1943. This book is a detailed practical guide to map reading and taking accurate compass bearings, including the use of the service prismatic compass and military protractor, with particular emphasis on the military application of these skills. The book is well illustrated with line drawings and diagrams. The cover illustration shows a serviceman map reading from the turret of an armoured vehicle passing a road sign marked 'Berlin 80km'.

In good condition. The cover is in good condition, with general signs of use, some wear at the spine, and some marks. The stapled binding is secure, although the original staples are rusty. The text and illustrations are in good condition with some marks.
Published: 1943
Illustrated with line drawings and diagrams
Illustrated card cover
Dimensions: 120mm x 175mm
Pages: 64