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R. Bailey, Birmingham Pocket Compass | Dial

R. Bailey of Birmingham, Pocket Compass c.1890

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A fine brass box pocket compass, signed by R. Bailey, 14 Bennett's Hill, Birmingham, dating from c.1880-1900. This compass features a brass case with press-fit lid, aluminium compass card, English bar needle and a jewelled pivot. It originally had an automatic transit lock operated by a lever on the edge of the case, but the lifting arm is now missing. In all other respects the compass is in excellent working order. The compass card is signed 'R. Bailey, 14 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham'. A high quality compass, it would have been produced by one of the best maker's of the time and retailed by Bailey from their Birmingham shop.

R. Bailey, Birmingham: Established in Birmingham in the 19th century, R. Bailey were a firm of opticians. During the 1890's they advertised their services as the official optician to the Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital. R. Bailey were active between c.1880-1900.


The compass is in very good condition and working order and finds North well. There are a few small marks on the compass card and some marks on the needle. The automatic transit lock is no longer operational. The brass case is in very good condition and the lid fits perfectly.

Dimensions : 70mm x 15mm