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RAF Transport Command Route Book No. 5 (1944)

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H.Q. 216 GROUP R.A.F., M.E., 1944

A rare original RAF Transport Command Route Book, produced by the headquarters of 216 Group RAF, Middle East in April 1944, and amended several times in 1945. It covers the air route from Cairo to Khartoum in North Africa. With details of flight path, course, route and radio information, supplementary airfields, emergency procedures, and landing grounds along the route. There are is a folding coloured route map, and a maps and plans of the major airfields on the route, including Cairo, Luxor, Wadi Halfa and Khartoum.

This handbook would have been an essential piece of kit for Transport Command aircrews embarking on the hazardous trip from Egypt to Sudan in 1944. The handbook was a confidential document, with significant potential value to the enemy, the introduction stated that 'Every effort must be made to destroy the route book in the event of force-landing in enemy territory'.

RAF Transport Command:
controlled all transport aircraft of the RAF. It was established on 25 March 1943 by the renaming of RAF Ferry Command. 216 Group RAF was
established on 21 May 1942. The group was renamed No. 216 (Air Transport and Ferry) Group on 9 September 1942 and placed under the command of Air Commodore Whitney Straight. 216 Group became a major sub-command of the Mediterranean Air Command that was created at the Casablanca Conference in January 1943. On 25 March 1943, No. 216 Group also became a sub-command of the newly created Transport Command, an umbrella organization of all British transport units worldwide under the command of Air Chief Marshal Sir Frederick Bowhill. The group was sometimes aided by BOAC in the receiving, preparing, and dispatching of aircraft reinforcements into the North African and Mediterranean Theatres.

In good condition. The card cover is in good condition, with a few marks and some creasing at the corners. There is a small area of slight damage at the bottom edge of the front cover and text pages. The laced binding is secure and in good condition. The text, illustrations and sketch maps are in very good condition.
Published: 1944
Illustrated with coloured maps and photographs
Khaki card cover with Red/black titling
Dimensions: 230mm 290mm
Pages: 32