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The German Intelligence Service (1945) | SHAEF Handbook

SHAEF: The German Intelligence Service (1945)

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.H.A.E.F., London, April 1945


A very rare, original, WW2 Supreme Allied Forces HQ Counter-Intelligence Handbook, marked ‘Secret’, and produced by S.H.A.E.F. in April 1945. It was a document with a very restricted circulation, with only 1,000 copies printed, intended to be used by Allied intelligence officers serving in North Western Europe, in particular by those entering Germany during the final months of the war, in preparation for the impending defeat of Nazi Germany. It would have been a vital source of information on the German Intelligence Service.

The German Intelligence Service provides an overview of the Third Reich's intelligence services. It would have been based on the work of M.I. 14, the British wartime department that specialised in intelligence about Germany. Also known as 'Section 14', M.I. 14 was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence. M.I. 14 was closely associated with M.I.R.S. (Military Intelligence Research Section) which was a joint Anglo-American agency with offices in Washington DC and London, founded in 1943 under the supervision of M.I. 14 and G-2 (Counter Intelligence).

The German Intelligence Service includes information on the structures, functions, units, and personnel of Nazi Germany's intelligence organisations. Subjects covered include: security and repression - the work of the SD, Gestapo and Kripo, the Abwehr - including its intelligence, sabotage, subversion, and counter espionage operations, secret agents, sabotage, specialist SS units, terrorism, specialist Panzer units operating behind allied lines in allied uniform, and KG200 - the Luftwaffe unit carrying out special missions using captured allied planes. A fascinating and invaluable reference work on German Intelligence towards the end of WW2, this handbook is an important source for anyone researching the Nazi State, and the work of the Allied Intelligence Services.


In very good condition. The card cover is in very good condition, with some fading at the edges and some minor creasing. The stapled binding is good and secure. The text is in very good condition with some slightly creased corners.

Published: 1945
Green card covers
Dimensions: 140mm x 215mm
Pages: 30 (plus 1 folding chart)