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The Bayonet (1941)

The Bayonet (1941)

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(Bayonet Fighting)

GALE & POLDEN Ltd, Aldershot, c.1941

An original WW2 British Army bayonet fighting handbook, undated, but published by Gale & Polden c.1941 (there is a signature dated 4/10/41 on the title page). Produced in a concertina-folded 12-page format, the handbook is well illustrated, with line drawings showing the various techniques used in bayonet fighting. The Bayonet is a practical guide to the defensive and offensive use of the bayonet, with brief instructions accompanying each of the illustrations.


In good condition. The card cover shows minor signs of wear and use and a few marks. The stapled binding is good and secure - the original staples were rusty and have been replaced. The text and diagrams are in good condition, with some rust marks near the staples, and a few other marks. The book is signed on the title page by 'H. L. Tewkesbury, 4/10/41'.

Published: c.1941
Dimensions: 115mm x 170mm
Illustrated with line drawings
Pages: 12 (folded concertina style)