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The Pistol in War (1942) | E. H. Robinson

The Pistol in War (1942)

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Captain E. H. Robinson

GALE AND POLDEN, Aldershot, 1942

An original WW2 manual covering the use of the British Army Webley and Enfield revolvers, which were standard issue in both world wars, and the Colt .45 automatic pistol. Published in 1942  for wartime use, it is a practical training manual for servicemen who would be using these weapons. The book is well illustrated with diagrams and photographs and full of fascinating details, including the 'stopping power' of different bullets ("Savage warriors failed to be impressed by the addition of 180ft/lbs of energy"), the superiority of the British service revolver over the automatic pistol, and the inferiority of German weapons like the Luger and 'Broomhandle' Mauser. There are a number of adverts for Webley, Parker-Hale, etc at the rear of the book.



In very good condition. The boards are in very good condition, with minor signs of wear or use. The binding and hinges are very good and secure. The text and illustrations are in very good condition.
Published: 1942
Red boards, with black titling
Illustrated with 10 photograhic plates & 6 diagrams.
Dimensions: 120mm x 185mm
Pages: 68