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Antique Victorian Brass pocket Compass c.1840

Victorian Brass Pocket Compass c.1840

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A Georgian or Victorian Brass box English pocket compass, with a press-fit lid, dating from c.1840-1860. The brass lid has developed a very unusual gunmetal-coloured patina. With a paper compass card, finely made blued needle, and a brass pivot. The compass is in working order and finds North well. The compass retains its original glass, which has a slight bruise at SW. The paper compass card has become warped over time and has lifted away from the bottom of the case. This can cause the needle to stick temporarily, but a quick shake gets it moving again.


In good, original condition, and working order, with the needle catching at times on the warped compass card. The compass finds North very well. With general signs of age, and some marks to the case. The lid has a very distinctive and unusual gunmetal-coloured patina. The original glass is in very good condition, with just a slight bruise at SW.

Dimensions: 57mm diameter (depth: 15mm)