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Vintage Stesco Pocket Compass c.1955

Vintage Stesco Pocket Compass c.1955

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A vintage Stesco pocket compass, difficult to date, but probably from c.1950-1960. Small size (only 35mm diameter), marked 'Foreign' on the compass card and base, suggesting that it was most likely to have been made in West Germany. In the years after the end of WW2, many items produced in Germany for export were marked 'Foreign' in order to make them more acceptable to a British market that still regarded all things German with a degree of suspicion. The compass has a black compass card, brass case and a red/white needle with a luminous painted North point, and luminous cardinal points. The compass is still luminous, enabling it to be used in complete darkness. It has a transit lock operated by a sliding button on the side of the case.


The compass is in very good condition and finds North well. With minor signs of age and use. Marked 'Stesco, Foreign' on the base.

Dimensions : 35mm (50mm including loop)