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WW1 Trench Warfare Manual (1917) | Offensive Action

WW1 Platoon Offensive Action Manual (1917)

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War Office, S.S. 143

H.M.S.O., London, 1917

‘All ranks must be taught that their aim is to come to close quarters with the enemy as quickly as possible so as to to be able to use the bayonet. This must become second nature’.

A rare 1917 edition of the WW1 British Army handbook Instructions for the Training of Platoons for Offensive Action. This manual would have been issued to officers in the front line. It includes advice on oragnisation, tactics, and training. Subjects covered include: platoons, ammunition, bombs, working parties, attack, defence, trench assaults, open warfare, tactics and formations. Illustrated with 10 coloured diagrams, showing methods of attacking trenches, formations, and open warfare. There are also two amendments sheets, dated July and November 1917.


In good condition. The card cover is in good condition, with some signs of wear and use, and a signature written in pencil on the front cover. The binding is good and secure. The text is in good condition, with some pencilled notes made by the original owner, and a few marks.

Published: 1917
Khaki card covers, black titling
Dimensions: 125mm x 190mm
Pages: 28