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Notes on Trench Warfare For Field Artillery (1916)

WW1 Trench Warfare Artillery Manual (1916)

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Compiled at the School of Instruction,
R.H. and R.F.A., Shoeburyness

War Office, June 1916

H.M.S.O., London, 1916

‘It should be a point of honour that all enemy movements by daylight are detected and reported to infantry headquarters and arrangements made for artillery support before the request for this support has been received’.

A rare 1916 edition of Notes on Trench Warfare for Field Artillery. This manual would have been issued to officers just before the start of the Battle of the Somme. It includes advice on the deployment of artillery support in trench warfare, from observation officers duties and the making of a 'Fighting Map',  to ranging and the types of shells to be used against specific targets. It would have been a very useful guide for any junior artillery officer taking over a position in the front line. The book is illustrated with two folding maps, one showing observation positions, the other a 'Fighting Map' showing front line trenches. The book is signed on the front cover by 'H. D. Auger'. In 1913 H. D. Auger was the Cadet Company Leader with 'C' Company of the Canadian St. Edouard Regiment, based in Montreal.


In good condition. The card cover is in fair to good condition, with general signs of wear and use and some creased corners. The stapled binding is secure, although the original staples are rusty.  The text and illustrations are in good condition, with some creased corners and wear at the edges. Signed on the front cover by 'H. D. Auger'.

Published: 1916
Khaki card covers, black titling
Dimensions: 135mm x 210mm
Pages: 20 (plus 2 folding maps)