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The Anti-Aircraft Cartwheel Sight (1943)

WW2 Anti-Aircraft Gun Sight Manual (1943)

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Volume 1, Pamphlet No.6

The Anti-Aircraft Cartwheel Sight
(Eye Shooting)

WAR OFFICE, London, 1943

An original WW2 British Army anti-aircraft gun sight manual, published in 1943. This is a detailed guide for gunners using both heavy and light anti-aircraft weapons, including .303 and 0.5-inch machine guns and 20mm cannon. With sections on the cartwheel Sight, sighting, eyeshooting, recognition of enemy aircraft, the use of the various foresights and backsights, tracer, fire control fire, dive-bombing, speed of enemy aircraft, and much else a gunner would need to know about sighting for anti-aircraft fire. There are some excellent diagrams showing exactly how you should use the Cartwheel Sight to shoot down enemy aircraft. The booklet is well illustrated with diagrams, photographs and drawings.


In very good condition. The card cover is in good condition, with only minor signs of use. The stapled binding is good and secure. The text and illustrations are in very good condition. With an ink signature on the front cover of 'Major P. D. H. Marshall'.

Published: 1943
Khaki card cover
Illustrated with line drawings, photographs and diagrams
Dimensions: 125mm x 180mm
Pages: 28