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WW2 Lee Enfield .303 Bandolier | Compass Library

WW2 Lee Enfield Rifle .303 Bandolier (1943)

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50 Round, Cotton Bandolier, dated 1943

A good example of a British army Lee Enfield .303 bandolier. It was intended to hold 50 rounds of ammunition for the standard issue MK III or MK 4 Lee Enfield service rifle. This type of cotton bandolier was also used in WW1, and the design remained virtually unchanged throughout WW2.


In good condition. The bandolier is in good condition, with general signs of use and a few marks. All the copper fasteners are present. It is stamped for December 1943, and also has the British Army broad arrow mark.

Produced: December 1943
50 Round cotton bandolier