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WW2 Small Arms manual | Barlow

WW2 Small Arms Manual (1942)

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Lt-Col. J. A. Barlow

JOHN MURRAY, London, 1942

An original WW2 British small arms manual, dating from 1942, covering the use and maintenance of the small arms of the allied and axis powers in WW2. Many of the weapons included were used in WW1, like the Lee-Enfield rifle, .455 Webley pistol, Luger pistol, Vickers Machine Gun, and the Lewis Gun. Most of the iconic weapons of WW2 are covered, including the Thompson submachine gun, 9mm Schmeisser, Bren Gun, 7.92mm Mauser, Colt .45, MG 34, Sten Gun, and many more. Other less well known weapons, like the Vickers Berthier machine gun, are also included. Very well illustrated throughout, this book was intended to allow any allied soldier to maintain and use virtually any weapon he might come across in battle, whether standard issue, or captured from the enemy. With stripping, cleaning and firing instructions for every model of pistol, rifle or machine gun.



In fair to good condition. The card cover is in fair to good condition, with some marks, creases and general signs of wear and use. The binding and hinges are secure, the front hinge having been reinforced with archival paper tape. The text and illustrations are in good condition, with a few marks.

Published: 1942
Khaki card covers, black titling
Illustrated with numerous diagrams and drawings
Dimensions: 105mm x 135mm
Pages: 232