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Silhouettes of German Aircraft (1940)

Silhouettes of German Aircraft (1940)

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Ministry of Home Security

H.M.S.O., London, 1940

An original WW2 German aircraft recognition handbook, produced by the Air Ministry for the Ministry of Home Security, and published by HMSO in 1940. It includes details of the various different types of Luftwaffe aircraft that would be encountered over Britain during the early stages of WW2. The book is well illustrated throughout, with line drawings and silhouettes. All the important German military aircraft of the time are covered, including: Heinkel III, Ju-87, Me-109, Dornier 17, Arado, Fiesler Storch, Me-110. The book includes numerous official pasted-in amendments, and pencil notes and corrections that were added during the war.

There is an ink stamp of the W & R Jacob's biscuit factory in Aintree, Liverpool on the title page. The book would have been used by the Civil Defence or ARP members on duty at the factory during German air raids.


In very good condition. The card cover has minor signs of wear, and some marks. The stapled binding is good and secure, although the original staples are rusty. The text and illustrations are in very good condition with a few minor marks.

Published: 1940
Khaki card cover with black titling
Illustrated with line drawings and silhouettes
Dimensions : 120mm x 180mm
Pages: 58