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Thommen 3B5 Military Altimeter

Thommen 3B5 Military Altimeter

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A Revue Thommen 3B5 military issue precision altimeter, serial no. 111352, made in Waldenburg, Switzerland. The altimeter has a 7.5cm diameter black enamelled dial calibrated in feet, with the outer dial markings calibrated in hundreds of feet, and the smaller inner dial calibrated in thousands of feet. The altimeter has a very finely made knife-edge pointer, an adjustment knob to set the barometeric pressure, and an integral spirit-level. The dial is signed 'Thommen'. The serial number 111352 and other calibration information is printed on a black metal plate inside the lid. The altimeter has a heavy grey-green enamelled metal case, which is housed in a brown leather outer case with a leather carrying strap. This type of altimeter was supplied to the German Bundeswehr and the Swiss armed forces.

Thommen Ltd: In 1853 Société d' Horlogerie à Waldenbourg was founded as a watch making company by the community of Waldenburg in Switzerland. In 1859 Gédéon Thommen and Louis Tschopp acquired the company. Gédéon Thommen was also the founder of the Waldenburgerbahn, a steam train connecting the valley's villages. When Tschopp left the company, it was renamed Gédéon Thommen's Uhrenfabriken. From 1905, the company was registered as Revue Thommen AG. Revue had been used earlier as a brand name of the company's wrist watches. In 1916, the company produced the first aircraft chronograph for the Swiss Air Force, which laid the foundations for the company's success as an aircraft instrument supplier. From 1936 – 1943, the company produced cockpit instrumentation for the Swiss Air Force. Instruments produced by Revue Thommen included altimeters, airspeed indicators, vertical speed indicators, and clocks. During WW2 the company produced watches for the German Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine. In 1945 Revue Thommen diversified their product range, introducing pocket moutaineering altimeters for alpinists, hiking and skiing altimeters, and altimeters for parachutists. They continued to produce precision altimeters, including military types such as the 3B4 and 3B5 which were supplied to the German Bundeswehr and the Swiss Armed forces.


The altimeter is in very good condition, appears to be in full working order, and passes the plastic bag test. It has not been tested for accuracy in the field. The dial, glass, and pointer are all in very good condition. The enamelled case is in very good condition. The leather outer case is in very good condition, with minor signs of wear and use and some marks. The carrying strap has general signs of wear.

Altimeter Case: 90mm x 95mm x 135mm
Dial Diameter: 75mm
Weight: 2.5kg