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Carl Zeiss Jena Feldstecher Binoculars (1905)

Carl Zeiss Jena Feldstecher Binoculars (1906)

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Carl Zeiss Feldstecher Fach 8 binoculars, dating from c.1906 to 1907. Zeiss began making prism binoculars in 1894 and this was one of the earliest models. With a leather covered brass and aluminium body, +/-5 dioptre eyepieces, and silver embossed lettering on the prism covers (this type of lettering replaced the earlier cursive script Zeiss logo in 1902). The top left hand prism cover is marked: ‘Carl Zeiss Jena’, the top right prism cover is marked ‘Feldstecher 8 Fach’, which means ‘Binocular, Magnifcation x 8’. The binoculars have flat prism covers made of brass (the earlier models were made of aluminum) and a central hinge, which is attached to each side by five screws. There is an interpupillary distance scale on the upper hinge disk (this scale was absent in earlier models). This model’s objective lens diameter is 20mm, and it has an 8x magnification. There is a tiny serial number stamped onto the frame. The serial number is ‘51415’. Zeiss Feldstecher binoculars were widely used by officers of both the German and British armed forces during WW1. 


Magnification: 8x
Aperture (objective diameter): 20 mm
Field of view: 5.1°
Visible field of view (eyepiece FOV): 41°
Closest focusing distance: 7 m
Width: 142 mm
Height: 107 mm
Weight: 490 g
Production date: 1906 - 1907
Serial Number: 51415


In very good condition and very good working order. The view through the binoculars is very good indeed for a set more than 115 years old, clean and clear, with good focus and an unobstructed view. There is minimal dust on the interior of the optics, which is not visible in use and does not affect the view in any way. It seems very likely that the optics have been serviced and cleaned at some time in the past. The bakelite eyecups are in good condition - although they do not exactly match, so one of them must have been replaced at some time in the past. There is some minor wear to the original black finish on the prism covers, but most of the paintwork is still intact. The embossed script is in very good condition. There is some wear to the leather covering, but all the leather is securely attached and in good condition. There is a tiny serial number stamped onto the frame, number ‘51415’.

Date: c.1906
Model: Carl Zeiss Feldstecher 8 Fach
Dimensions: 107mm x 142mm
Magnification: 8x