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Austro-Hungarian Mannlicher Trench Lighter (1917)

Austro-Hungarian Mannlicher Trench Lighter (1917)

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A rare WW1 era Trench Lighter, made in Vienna c.1917, by Richard Kohn (1856-1927) the well-known cigarette lighter maker. The brass band attaching the flint holder and striker wheel mechanism to the case is marked with Kohn's distinctive 'RK' logo, and the base of the cartridge case has the markings for 1917. The lighter is based on an inert standard Austrian army M1895 Mannlicher service rifle 8x50mmR cartridge case, with the percussion cap replaced with a screw-threaded filler plug. The original munitions markings can still be seen around the edge of the base. A hollow bullet-shaped brass cap covers the wick, and this is removed when the lighter is in use.

Richard Kohn (1856-1927): was a Czech craftsman, born in Bohemia in 1856. He set up in business in Vienna and produced high quality lighters until the 1920's.

Mannlicher M1895: was a straight pull bolt-action rifle, designed by Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher, that used a refined version of his revolutionary straight-pull action bolt, much like the Mannlicher M1890 carbine. The primary producers were OEWG in Steyr, and FEG in Budapest. It was the standard issue service rifle for Austro-Hungarian armed forces during WW1. The M1895 was originally chambered for the round-nosed 8x50mm cartridge, but almost all of the rifles were rechambered to accept the more powerful and longer range spitzer 8x56mmR cartridge in the 1930's.


In very good original condition, with minor signs of wear and use. In very good working order, it strikes easily and produces a good spark

Manufactured: c.1917
Brass M1895 case, with removable wick cover

Dimensions : 70mm x 13mm