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RAF Air Ministry Secret Intelligence 1945 | Vol. 15

Air Ministry Secret Weekly Intelligence (July-Dec 1945)

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Volume 15, July - December 1945
Issues 305 - 321

Air Ministry,  London, 1945

A very rare complete volume of Air Ministry WW2 Weekly Intelligence Summaries, including issues 305 to 321, covering the period from July to October 1945. Over 850 pages of top secret war reports, photographs and diagrams.  These weekly summaries were produced throughout the war, but after the issues in this volume, only five more were produced (Nos. 322 - 326) before publication ceased. The weekly summaries were secret documents, with a very restricted circulation, and included information from all fronts, with reports and articles describing the current situation and the latest intelligence that had been gathered. A wide range of subjects were covered, including secret weapons, experimental aircraft, enemy tactics, Kamikaze attacks, bombing raids, enemy aircraft, jet engines, prisoner of war camps, interrogation techniques, night fighters, aircraft recognition, the campaign in Burma, the German air force, Flak defences, propaganda, missiles, Okinawa and Iwo Jima, Luftwaffe radar, the Me 262 fighter, V1 and V2 rockets, concentration camps, U-Boats, the campaigns in the West and the far East, and much more. Each weekly summary is very well illustrated with diagrams, maps and photographs, including aerial photos, photos of captured enemy equipment, bomb damage, and gun camera footage taken in combat.

These reports were considered so sensitive at the time that all copies not required ‘for record purposes’ were to be designated as ‘secret waste’ and destroyed. Very few copies are likely to have survived outside official collections, and those individual issues, covering a single week, that do come up for auction generally sell for around £50 each. Bound volumes like this one, with complete runs of consecutive issues, are exceptionally rare. This is the only one I have seen. I have only been able to show a small fraction of the huge amount of information and illustrations included in this volume, but more photos are available if required.


In very good condition. The boards are in good condition with minor signs of use and a few marks. The leather spine label is worn at the edges. The binding and hinges are very good and secure. The card covers of the individual issues are in very good condition. There are Imperial War Museum ‘Withdrawn’ ink stamps and ‘Restricted’ stamps in the text and on the cover of each issue. The text, photographic plates and illustrations are in very good condition.

Published: 1945
Illustrated with diagrams and photographs
Blue boards, with red leather label and gilt spine titling
Each weekly issue is complete, retaining its individual card cover
Dimensions: 195mm x 250mm
Weight: 3kg
Pages: 850 (approx)