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Air Ministry Secret Weekly Intelligence Summary March 1945

Air Ministry Secret Weekly Intelligence March 1945

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March 24th 1945
Issue 290

Air Ministry,  London, 1945

A rare Air Ministry Weekly Intelligence Summary, issue number 290, dated 24th March 1945. Includes top secret war reports, photographs and diagrams. These weekly summaries were produced throughout the war. Secret documents, with a very restricted circulation, they included information from all fronts, with reports and articles describing the current situation and the latest intelligence that had been gathered. This issue includes information on the allied air offensive against Germany, air operations against Iwo Jima, Japanese prisoners of war, the Japanese air force, the attack on Singapore, the Me-163 Rocket Fighter engine, Flying Bomb operations, the Japanese 'Paul II' Fighter, sabotage on French railways, German rocket projectiles, photographic intelligence and much more. One particularly interesting article covers the epic escape of a Canadian Hurricane pilot shot down over the Irrawaddy in Burma. His story of survival in the jungle, while constantly avoiding Japanese troops is extraordinary.

Well illustrated with diagrams, maps and photographs, including aerial photos, photos of captured enemy equipment, bomb damage, and gun camera footage taken in combat.

These reports were considered so sensitive at the time that all copies not required ‘for record purposes’ were to be designated as ‘secret waste’ and destroyed. Very few copies are likely to have survived outside official collections.


In good condition. The paper cover is in good condition with minor signs of use and rust marks near the staples and ring binder holes at the spine. The stapled binding is very good and secure, the original staples had rusted away and have been replaced. The text, photographic plates and illustrations are in very good condition.

Published: 1945
Illustrated with diagrams and photographs
Red paper cover with black titling
Dimensions: 185mm x 245mm
Pages: 68