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Francis Barker Brass Pocket Compass 1875

Francis Barker 'Watchform' Pocket Compass c.1875

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A Francis Barker nickel plated brass, pocket watch cased compass, dating from around 1875. This particular design is listed as the 'Watchform' compass in Barker catalogues, no doubt owing to its characteristic pocket watch type of case. The compass card is marked 'Trade Mark London', with the letter 'S' the right way round, identifying it as a Barker compass made before the end of 1875 (the 'S' was reversed after the death of Francis Barker in December 1875). It is quite rare to find such an early example of this compass, examples made between c.1910-1926 are more common. This compass design regularly appeared in Barker catalogues until the late 1920s. With a nickel plated brass case, a flat needle and paper compass card. The bevelled, slightly domed glass is in good condition. There is some wear to the nickel plating of the case and loop. The compass is in good working order, and finds North well.


In good condition and full working order

Dimensions: 42mm diameter (excluding bow)