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Stockert & Sohn 'Marsch-Kompass Jugend' c.1950

Stockert & Sohn 'Marsch-Kompass Jugend' c.1950

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A German "Marsch-Kompass' (Marching Compass), made by Stockert & Sohn c.1950. There were three versions - this is the "Youth" model. This type of compass design originated in Germany in the 1930s and a version was adopted as the official compass of the 'HJ' (Hitler Youth). It is similar to other models by the same manufacturer that were used by the Wehrmacht during WW2.

Several different versions of the Marsch-Kompass continued to be manufactured just after the end of WW2: including the "Kommit" the "Pathfinder" and the "Jugend" (Youth)

This compass is a "Jugend", and has a white rotating chapter ring, aluminium and bakelite case, a blued needle with a luminous painted North point, and luminous cardinal point markers. (The paint is no longer luminous). With a folding, highly polished, metal sighting mirror, and a ruler marked on the side of the case. The compass is marked 'Germany', stamped onto the front edge of the case. The compass comes complete with its original box and instructions leaflet.


The compass is in good condition and finds North well. With some signs of age and use. Marked 'Germany' on the case. The box and instructions leaflet are in very good condition.

Dimensions : 50mm x 50mm