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Maps of Portuguese East Africa (1920)

Maps of Portuguese East Africa (1920)

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I.D. 1189A


An extremely rare complete set of the British Naval Staff Intelligence Maps of Portuguese East Africa. There are 12 maps on eleven sheets. With a restricted circulation, these maps were intended for official use only. Complete with the original map case. There are three large maps: Zanzibar (77 x 60cm), Limpopo (70 x 60cm), Mozambique (72 x 59cm), and nine other maps, including Frontier Negotiations 1875-91 (27 x 36cm), Portuguese Occupation (24 x 36cm), German-Portuguese Frontiers (23 x 34cm), Railways of South Africa (30 x 36cm), Mineral Areas, Native Peoples, Agriculture, and Geological Formations. The maps were produced by the Geographical Section of the General Staff for the War Office in January 1919.

These maps would no doubt have been an invaluable reference work for officers and officials operating in this region just after the First World War, and again during the Second World War.

Naval Staff Intelligence Division: The Naval Intelligence Division (NID) was created as part of the Admiralty War Staff in 1912, and was the intelligence arm of the British Admiralty before the establishment of a unified Defence Intelligence Staff in 1964. It dealt with matters concerning British naval plans, and with the collection of naval intelligence. It was also known as "Room 39", after its room number at the Admiralty. The department produced a series of handbooks during WW1 to aid the allied war effort and provide intelligence for officers in all branches of the armed services.


In very good condition. The maps are in very good condition, with minimal signs of use. The map case is in very good condition.

Published: 1920
Blue board map case with gilt titling
Complete set of maps - 12 maps on 11 sheets
Dimensions:  Map case: 135mm x 220mm