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WW2 Raid Spotter's Note Book (1942)

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Compiled by C. Griffith

CHARLES LETTS & CO., London, 1942

An original WW2 Air Raid Spotters Note Book, covering aircraft recognition, both friendly and hostile. It would have been very useful for A.R.P. members, emergency services and military personnel. This is the 4th edition, undated, but published in 1942-3 (it includes details of the Spitfire IX, which was introduced in mid-1942). With details and illustrations of over 100 aircraft, it includes information about aircraft recognition, British, German, American, and Japanese aircraft, aerodynamics, and Jet propulsion. The book also has notes pages at the rear on which the aircraft spotter could document planes that were seen or actions that were witnessed. The notes pages include a handwritten entry describing the key features of the V1 flying bomb.


In good condition. The card covers are in good condition with minor signs of wear. The binding and hinges are very good and secure. The text and illustrations are in good condition, with a few minor marks.

Published: 1942
Blue card cover with embossed titling
Dimensions : 105mm x 135mm
Pages: 72 (plus notes pages at rear)