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USAF Secret Intelligence Report (1945) | German Me-262 Jet Fighter

USAF Secret Intelligence Report | Me-262 Jet Fighter

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USAF Intelligence Documents, February 1945

A rare original WW2 USAF memorandum and accompanying illustrations, collected by Major John J. Driscoll of the Military Analytical Division, the U.S. Embassy, London in 1945. Part of a collection of secret and confidential wartime documents, dealing with the armament, weapons and ammunition of the German Air Force, that are available at

The documents include:

1. Secret 2 page USAF Intelligence memorandum 5-13, dated 28 February 1945. Produced by the 'Deputy Commanding General For Administration, Office of the Director of Armament, H.Q. United States Strategic Air Forces in Europe'. Subject: ‘Armament of the ME 262 Jet propelled Aircraft’. Marked ‘Secret’ at top. Covering guns, ammunition, armament, sighting, fuel tanks, bomb carriers and armour of the ME 262 Jet fighter. Written by 'Colonel P. Schwartz, Director of Armament. Ord. Dept’.

2. Secret Recognition diagram of the ME 262, dated 5 February 1945. Side, front and overhead views. Marked ‘Incl. 1 to USSTAF Arm. Memo. 5-13’.

3. Secret Armament and Vulnerability diagram of the ME 262, dated 17 February 1945. Shows positions of armour plate, armoured glass, self-sealing fuel tanks, etc. Marked ‘Incl. 2 To USSTAF Arm. Memo. 5-13’.


The documents are in good condition, with occasional marks, wear at the edges, and some creases. With some rust marks near old staples or paperclips.

Produced: 1945
Illustrated with two diagrams
Dimensions: 210mm x 275mm
Pages: 4

***Several other secret USAF/RAF intelligence reports from this collection are available at***