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The Observer's Planisphere of Air Naviagtion Stars (1942)

The Observer's Planisphere of Air Naviagtion Stars (1942)

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Francis Chichester


An original WW2 Planisphere of Air Navigation Stars, by Francis Chichester, undated, but published in 1942 by Allen & Unwin. A practical navigation aid, intended to help RAF navigators to use air navigation stars. Consisting of two rotating discs showing the night sky, and several overlay masks with details of planets and constellations. There are full instructions on how to use the planisphere to navigate in the air at night.

Sir Francis Charles Chichester (1901 – 1972) was a British pioneering aviator and solo sailor. He was knighted by for becoming the first person to sail single-handed around the world by the clipper route, and the fastest circumnavigator, taking just nine months and one day to complete the voyage in 1966–6. Unable to join the RAF at the outbreak of WW2 due to age and eyesight, he was not granted a commission until 14 March 1941 when he joined the RAFVR for the duration of hostilities. His civil occupation was listed as Air Navigation Specialist. His first posting was to the Air Ministry in the Navigation section of the Directorate of Air Member Training, where he served until August 1942. In July 1943 he was sent to the Empire Central Flying School where he instructed in navigation until released in September 1945. He wrote the navigation manual that allowed the pilots of single-handed fighter aircraft to navigate across Europe and back using kneeboard navigation similar to that which he had used in the Pacific.


In good condition. The card cover is in good condition, with general signs of use and some marks. The binding is good and secure. The text and star charts are in good condition.

Published: 1942
Illustrated card cover
With rotating star chart discs
Dimensions : 200mm x 200mm
Pages: 2 rotating disks plus overlays (7 pages)