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WW1 Notes on German Shells (1918) | Compass Library

War Office Notes on German Shells (1918)

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(Second Edition)

GENERAL STAFF (Intelligence), GHQ,  May 1918

printed by Harrison & Sons, London, August 1918

An extremely rare original WW1 edition of this exceptionally interesting War Office handbook, published in May 1918. Notes on German Shells is a superbly illustrated compendium of all the shells in use with the German Army in 1918. It was compiled from actual examples of the shells and from German pamphlets describing the use the shells were to be put to. Each shell is described in detail, alongside a coloured scale drawing. The calibres covered range from 2cm through to the 42cm heavy shell, including gas, shrapnel, high explosive, naval, minenwerfer, incendiary, and mortar shells. The description of the shells is very comprehensive and extremely detailed, and includes a section on ‘Employment’ – where and when the German gunners would use that particular shell. There is also plenty of detail on shell markings, types of explosives used, fuzes, and even the varieties of rifling used by German artillery. There are numerous appendices featuring large fold-out range tables for many German guns. For anyone interested in the artillery of the First World War this is an absolutely invaluable reference work and probably the most complete guide to German WW1 ordnance ever produced.


In very good condition. The boards are in very good condition, whilst inside the original card cover of the book is still completely intact and in good condition. The binding and hinges are very good and secure. The text and illustrations are in very good condition, with a few minor marks and some creased corners.

Published: 1918
Exterior: Blue boards with gilt titling,
Interior: Original blue General Staff card covers
Fully illustrated with numerous coloured scale drawings
Dimensions: 135mm x 190mm
Pages: 497