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WW2 Secret War Office Manual (1945) | Military Headquarters in Germany

WW2 War Office German Military Headquarters Manual (1945)

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(First Revision)


THE WAR OFFICE, London, February 1945

A rare, original, WW2 War Office Military Intelligence manual, marked ‘Confidential', produced jointly by the War Office Director of Military Intelligence and the US Military Intelligence Department in Washington in February 1945. A massive, large-format, volume (weighing over 2kg), this secret manual was issued in very small numbers towards the end of the Second World War, just as Allied troops were advancing into the heart of Germany. Its highly sensitive nature is highlighted on the very first page, which states:

‘This document must not under any circumstances fall into enemy hands. Its very existence must not become known to the enemy, including prisoners of war.'

This revised edition was not intended to replace the earlier edition which had been produced in March 1944, but was designed to be used alongside and in conjunction with it, as it included numerous amendments arising from the latest intelligence developments. The ultimate purpose of these manuals was to allow allied intelligence officers to pinpoint the Nazi Party offices, military installations, police stations and all other significant places of interest in every town in Germany. Using this massive collection of data, Field Intelligence Officers were able to go through every German and Austrian town to arrest local Nazis and hunt down war criminals, as well as inspecting all depots, barracks and offices which had any connection with the German military machine. A fascinating and detailed insight into the vast and complex structure of the Third Reich in the closing months of the war, this is a very useful primary source for anyone researching the Nazi state in 1945.


In good condition. The boards are in good condition, with general signs of wear and use, some wear at the edges and corners, and some marks. The laced binding is good and secure. The text and maps are in good condition, with some wear to the edges of a few pages.

Published: 1945
Grey loose leaf boards, with laced binding
Dimensions: 220mm 345mm
Pages: 600 (approx)