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WW2 War Office M.I. 14 Intelligence Manual | German Army

WW2 War Office M.I. 14 Intelligence Manual | German Army

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December 1940


M.I. 14, THE WAR OFFICE, London, 1940


A rare, original, WW2 M.I. 14 (Military Intelligence 14) War Office Intelligence manual, produced by M.I. 14 in December 1940. A restricted document, marked 'Not to Be Published' on the front cover, and 'This Document Must Not Fall into Enemy Hands' on the spine, this is one of the few documents that can be directly attributed to M.I. 14, the British wartime department that specialised in intelligence about Germany.

Also known as 'Section 14', M.I. 14 was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence. Originally part of M.I.3, during WW2 the German sub-department's expertise and analysis became so important to the war effort that it was spun off into its own Military Intelligence section. One of M.I. 14's most valuable sources, codenamed 'Columba', consisted of reports returned by pigeons dropped over Nazi-occupied countries in packs containing a miniature spying kit. Now defunct, M.I. 14's foreign intelligence remit is handled by the Secret Intelligence Service (M.I.6).

The manual includes a great deal of information on the weapons, equipment, personnel, uniforms, command structure, administration, units, and tactics of both the German army and the Luftwaffe. It is very well illustrated with 85 plates (including colour plates of uniforms and insignia), covering small arms, heavy weapons, AFV's, artillery, insignia, and uniforms. There are also a series of appendices in a pocket at the rear, and numerous folding charts and tables throughout the text.

A fascinating and invaluable reference work on the armed forces and equipment of the Third Reich during WW2, this is a very useful source for anyone researching both the Nazi military machine and the work of the British Intelligence Services.


In good condition. The card cover is in good condition, with general signs of wear and use, some wear at the edges and corners, and some marks. The binding is good and secure. The text, illustrations, and plates are in good condition, with a few marks and some minor creases. The additional appendix sheets in the pocket at the rear are in good condition, with some creased corners.

Published: 1940
Khaki card cover with black titling
Illustrated with 85 plates, plus tables and folding charts
Dimensions: 120mm x 180mm
Pages: 394