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Antique Francis Barker 'RGS' Pattern Pocket Compass

Francis Barker 'RGS' Pattern Pocket Compass c.1875

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A Francis Barker 'R.G.S.' Pattern pocket compass, dating from before 1875. This type of compass card design was mentioned in the Royal Geographical Society's Hints to Travellers in 1871. This compass was produced by Francis Barker before the end of 1875, as it is stamped with the Barker pre-1875 style Trademark (with the letter 'S' facing the correct way round). This design was produced with either a paper or aluminium compass card. This example has the aluminium version. The design was registered by Francis Barker & Son Ltd in 1903, and after that date the registered number was usually printed on the card. Versions of this design were still appearing in scientific instrument catalogues in the late 1920s (J.H. Steward featured several examples in their 1928 catalogue). The compass has a blackened brass case, aluminium compass card in almost pristine condition, red dot North point, and jewelled pivot. The compass is in full working order and finds North well. It is clearly stamped with the Barker pre-1875 trademark on the bottom of the case.


In very good condition and full working order. The compass card is in lovely condition. The case retains much of its 'oxidised' finish, and the original glass is in good condition, with just a tiny, repaired crack at the edge under the friction ring.

Dimensions: 36mm (56mm including loop)