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WW2 Secret Military Intelligence | Japanese Army 1943

Japanese in Battle (1943)

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Part 1: Enemy Methods


A very rare original WW2 Military Intelligence Directorate analysis of Japanese tactics and operations in the Far East, produced in May 1943, and drawing heavily upon experience already gained in the Pacific theatre of war. It was a highly sensitive document, clearly marked ‘This document must not fall into enemy hands’. It includes the latest information on ‘Enemy Methods’, including Japanese tactics, weapons, strongpoints, battlefield operations, machine gun posts, bunkers, road blocks, patrols, night attacks, airfield and anti-aircraft defences, and methods of attack and defence. There are also detailed accounts and maps of recent battles and actions in the South West Pacific, and excellent diagrams of machine gun posts, bunkers and strongpoints. With descriptions and aerial photographs of the Burmese landscape, ‘the country you may fight in’, this handbook would undoubtedly have been very useful for allied troops fighting in the jungle campaigns in Burma and the Far East.


In good condition. The card cover is in good condition, with signs of use, creases, and some marks. The stapled binding is secure: the original staples had rusted away and have been replaced. The text and illustrations are in very good condition with just some rust marks near the staples.

Published: May 1943
Illustrated with diagrams and maps
Red card covers with black titling
Dimensions: 160mm x 240mm
Pages: 64