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Silva Huntsman NATO Pilot's Emergency Compass

Silva Huntsman NATO Pilot's Emergency Compass

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A Silva 'Huntsman' NATO emergency survival compass, made in Sweden, dating from c.1980's. It has the NATO stock number 6605-99-779-1291 engraved on the bottom of the compass case. This type of pin-on compass was originally produced by Silva in the 1950's in an aluminium cased version. This later plastic bodied version is a NATO military compass, issued to armed forces as part of their emergency survival kit. Mostly issued to fighter pilots and aircrew, it was widely used by the German Bundeswehr and air force. In the 1980's pilots flying Phantom and Tornado jet fighters carried these alongside other emergency items in a lifejacket pocket. This type of survival compass was also used by British armed forces, although his particular compass was most likely issued to the German armed forces, as the British version usually had a dark green case. 

The compass has a black plastic case, liquid-filled capsule, red/white needle, rotating bezel, and a safety-pin to attach it to clothing. The compass also functions as a sunwatch, with timing information printed on the upper part of the case. It comes in its original NATO marked red plastic box, with the NATO stock number: NSN: 6B/6605-99-779-1291.


The compass is in very good condition, full working order, and finds North very well. The plastic box is in very good condition.

Dimensions : 38mm x 55mm (compass diameter: 30mm)