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Silva Type 5 Induction Damped Compass c.1960

Silva Type 5 Induction Damped Compass c.1960

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A vintage Silva Type 5 Induction Damped compass, made in Sweden, dating from the mid 20th century, probably c.1960's. With a rotating aluminium bezel, and transparent baseplate. The compass has a red/white needle, and bearing markers on the base of the compass capsule. The compass comes with its original cardboard box.

The first Silva Induction Damped compasses were produced in 1946. Magnetic induction damping occcurs when the needle is moving within a copper housing - in this case, a copper band lining the aluminium bezel. Induction damping is an alternative to the more common fluid damping system, and was used by the U.S. Army in its M-1950 type military compasses. The main advantage of induction damping over fluid damping is that it is considered to perform better in extreme temperatures.


The compass is in very good condition, full working order, and finds North very well. The bezel rotates smoothly. The cardboard box is in good condition, with general signs of wear and use.

Dimensions : 100mm x 50mm (compass diameter: 38mm)