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Rifle Shooting For War (1916) | Lt. H. Douglas

WW1 Lee Enfield Rifle Shooting Handbook

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Lieutenant H. Douglas

(2nd Edition, Illustrated)


Rifle Shooting For War is an original WW1 British Army Musketry handbook published c.1916. Illustrated with diagrams and line drawings, the book covers the standard issue service rifles of the British Army during WW1: the Lee Enfield MK 1 charger loading magazine rifle, the P14 Enfield Rifle, the Lee Enfield MK III SMLE, and the Japanese 1907 Rifle (which was issued to a large number of territorial units at the start of the war). The booklet includes information on training, maintenance, firing positions, ammunition, range practice, faults and remedies, targets, fire orders, trigger pressing, judging distance etc. The book also includes a couple of additional diagrams of the Canadian Ross Rifle and the Lee Enfield MK III which have been carefully pasted in by a former owner, possibly during WW2. There is a signature on the front cover of 'L/Bdr Brown R.A.', dated July 1940, indicating that the book was also used during WW2.

32 pages, illustrated with diagrams and line drawings


In good condition. The card cover is in good condition, with minor signs of use, and some marks and creases. The stapled binding is secure, although the original staples are rusty. The text and illustrations are in very good condition.

Published: c.1916
Orange card cover with black titling
Illustrated with diagrams and line drawings
Dimensions: 115mm x 160mm
Pages: 32