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WW1 Manual | Our Indian Empire (1918)

WW1 Manual | Our Indian Empire (1918)

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A Short Review and Some Hints
For the Use of Soldiers
Proceeding to India


Our Indian Empire is an original WW1 British Army handbook, reprinted in Calcutta in 1918. It was intended for the use of soldiers being posted to, or already serving with, the army in India. This rare 1918 edition is full of fascinating information about the land and people of India, local customs, religion and general advice about military life in India during the First World War. There are sections on the frontiers of India, the army in India, the Indian Soldier, the fighting Classes, the Religions of India, the people of India, climate, shooting and hunting, health and how to behave in and outside camp. The stark reality of life in the British Empire in 1918 is well illustrated in the section entitled 'Danger of Assaulting Natives':

'To beat a man who has neither the strength nor, in most cases, the pluck to stand up to you, is not an achievement to be proud of; it savours of bullying. So, for every reason, keep your hands—and boots—off the native.'

This is swiftly followed by advice about how to avoid having your rifle stolen:

'The Pathan will risk anything and everything to get hold of a modern rifle.'

With illustrations of the various Indian military units. There is also a large folding map of India in a pocket on the inside of the rear cover.

136 pages, illustrated with line drawings.


In fair to good condition. The card cover is in quite worn, with general signs of age and wear, marks, creases, and fading. The binding and hinges are secure, the rear hinge having been carefully reinforced with archival paper tape. The text is in fair to good condition, with some marks to the endpapers. The illustrations are in good condition, with a few minor marks. The folding map is in good condition.

Published: 1918
Khaki card covers with black titling
Dimensions: 110mm x 130mm
Pages: 132