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WW2 Armourer's Machine Gun Handbook | Compass library

WW2 Armourer's Machine Gun Handbook (1943)

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by 'Labore'

GALE & POLDEN LTD, Aldershot, c.1943

An original, British military armourer's handbook, published during WW2 by Gale & Polden, undated, but c.1943. It was the third volume in a series that also covered the rifle (Part I), and the machine carbine & pistol (Part II). Light Machine Guns is a practical armourer's manual, covering the mechanism, use and maintenance of the standard British Army light machine guns of WW2, including the Bren gun, the Lewis gun (British and American versions), the Hotchkiss and the Vickers-Berthier. With detailed technical information and fully illustrated with photographs and large fold-out diagrams of each of these weapons.


In very good condition. The card cover shows only minor signs of use. The stapled binding is good and secure. The text, plates and diagrams are in very good condition.

Published: c.1943
Dimensions: 125mm x 185mm
Illustrated with photographic plates & large fold-out diagrams
Pages: 50