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RFC Air Board Technical Notes (1917)

Royal Flying Corps Engine Notes (1917)

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A rare original WW1 Air Board Royal Flying Corps manual, produced in August 1917, covering the aero engines in use with  the RFC in 1916-17. It was intended for use by officers, N.C.O.s and men undergoing training, and by mechanics and technicians in the day to day operation and maintenance of military aero engines. The manual has 'A 115' written on the cover, presumably showing that it was used by a member of 115 Squadron RFC during WW1. The letter 'A' may refer to 'A' Flight.

The manual features details of the design, assembly and operation of the engines fitted to RFC aircraft during 1916-17, including the 110 h.p. Clerget, 120 h.p. Beardmore, 80 h.p. Gnome, 90 h.p. R.A.F., 80 h.p. Le Rhone, and 100 h.p. Monosoupape. The manual is illustrated with photographs and detailed diagrams, and includes engine fault-finding tables.

No. 115 Squadron RFC: was formed at Catterick on 1 December 1917 from a nucleus provided by No. 52 Training Squadron. At the end of August 1918, after having been equipped with Handley Page 0/400 twin-engined bombers, it joined the Independent Air Force in France. Its first raid was made in the night of 16/17 September when nearly 4 tons of bombs were dropped on Metz-Sablon. For this raid the squadron was congratulated by Major General Sir Hugh Trenchard and the OC 83rd Wing who described the raid as "the finest piece of work which has ever been done by a new squadron". Its most successful raid was made against Morhange airfield when five O/400s, making double trips, dropped 6½ tons of bombs on their objective. During its service in France, No. 115 made fifteen raids, the longest being to Baden and dropped 26 tons of bombs. The squadron returned to England on 4 March 1919 and disbanded on 18 October 1919.


In good condition. The card cover is in good condition, with some marks and wear to the edges. The original metal clip binding is good and secure. The text and illustrations are in good condition with some minor marks. 

Published: 1917
Illustrated with diagrams
Khaki R.F.C. / Air Board card binder
Dimensions: 145mm x 195mm
Pages: 124