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Francis Barker M-72 Compass | Factory Serviced

Francis Barker M-72 Prismatic Compass | Factory Serviced

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A rare example of the Francis Barker M-72 in near mint condition. This compass has just been expertly serviced by Pyser Optics, Edenbridge, Kent, the current makers of the Barker M-73 and M-88 compasses. Its seals, fluid, and luminous night lights have been replaced, the compass has been fully checked and set up, and is in perfect working order. A copy of the service details can be provided if required. The compass comes with a brand new factory supplied Francis Barker fitted leather case and shoulder strap.

The Francis Barker M-72 Prismatic Marching compass was a direct descendant of the legendary MK III that was in use throughout the second world war. Produced in the UK in 1972, it was a development of the M-71 which was introduced in 1971 and was one of the last Barker compasses to feature a mother of pearl card. The M-72 was only made during 1972, in very limited quantities, before being replaced by the M-73 in 1973. The M-73 remains in production today, is still regarded as the world's finest liquid prismatic compass, and is standard military issue with many armed forces. The M-72 was very similar to the M-71, with a brass case and lid. Most of the M-71 and M-72 compasses were totally unmarked, or in very rare cases, like this one, had the wording 'Pat. Appd. For’ engraved on the base. Almost all of the M-72 compasses were exported to Australia. (Further details of the M-72 can be found at Paul Crespel’s excellent website:

(Please Note: this compass is not available for shipping to the USA)


The compass is in excellent, near mint condition, in full working order, and finds North very well. It has just been fully serviced (November 2019) at the Pyser Optics factory in Kent, including replacement of the luminous night lights. The compass is now in virtually 'as new' condition. It would be impossible to find a better example of this rare compass. It comes complete with a brand new Francis Barker fitted leather case.

Dimensions : 85mm x 60mm x 34mm