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German Identity Documents (1944)

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Supreme Headquarters Allied
Expeditionary Force
Evaluation and Dissemination Section



S.H.A.E.F., G-2 (Counter Intelligence),  London, 1944

An exceptionally rare, original, WW2 intelligence manual, produced by S.H.A.E.F. G-2 Division (Counter Intelligence) in August 1944. Identity Documents In Germany was a restricted document, compiled by Allied intelligence services, and marked ‘Confidential' on the front cover. The book is illustrated with 149 colour plates and two large folding maps. It was part of an extensive series of secret and restricted intelligence handbooks that were produced from 1944-45 detailing all aspects of Nazi Germany and its war machine. These large format handbooks - covering everything from the S.S. and German Police to the Nazi Party, Labour Organisations and Concentration Camps - were jointly produced by British and US Intelligence towards the end of the war. Identity Documents in Germany would have been issued to Intelligence Staff of the British and US Armies as a vital source of information on the documents of the Nazi state and its armed forces. It would no doubt have been very useful for clandestine operations, for the S.O.E. and O.S.S. etc, and would also have been used by the Allied forces entering Germany in the hunt for Nazi War Criminals and other intelligence ‘targets', who were attempting to hide their identities under false names and using fake identity documents.

This handbook would have been prepared from information gathered by British and American Intelligence Services, including the O.S.S., S.I.S., and M.I. 14., and by resistance groups operating in occupied Europe.

Compiled from numerous intelligence sources, Identity Documents in Germany includes a wealth of information on the paperwork of the Nazi regime. The documents include examples from: German army, navy, air force, S.S., S.A., N.S.K.K., Organisation Todt, Hitler Youth., Civil Services, N.S.D.A.P., R.A.D., D.A.F., Merchant Navy, Police, Civilians, Aliens, Alien Labour, and Friendly Aliens. Almost 150 documents are included, from S.S. identity cards and army Pay Books, to Hitler Youth documents, travel documents, Passports, Flying Licences, Alien labour cards, Police I.D., War Correspondent’s cards, and Ration Stamps. Almost all reproduced in full colour, actual size, with descriptive details of their use and who they were issued to.

Illustrated throughout with detailed coloured plates of the military, paramilitary, and civilian identity documents, passes, cards, and related paperwork in use in Germany during WW2. These are reproduced at actual size, with all the stamps, signatures, etc that would be seen on the originals. There are also two large coloured maps of Germany. (There are so many documents illustrated in the book -149 plates plus maps - I have only been able to show a very small selection, but these should give a good idea of the quality and scope of the documents reproduced in the book). 

A fascinating and invaluable reference work on the military and civilian paperwork and documentation of Nazi Germany, this book is an important source for anyone researching the German armed forces, the Nazi State, and the work of the Allied Intelligence Services.

S.H.A.E.F. G-2 (Counter Intelligence): During WW2 this department was was responsible for military intelligence analysis, counter-intelligence operations, and co-ordinating liason with resistance movements behind enemy lines. It received information from the armies and the army groups, from resistance groups, from reports of the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) and from the Joint Intelligence Committee (London). G-2 drew on the work and expertise of a variety of British and US intelligence departments and organisations, including the O.S.S., S.I.S., M.I.5, and M.I.14. (M.I. 14 was the British wartime department that specialised in intelligence about Germany. Also known as 'Section 14', M.I. 14 was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence. Originally part of M.I.3, during WW2 the German sub-department's expertise and analysis became so important to the war effort that it was spun off into its own Military Intelligence section). By 1945 G-2 was based in London, with an M.I.5. officer as its Director, and an O.S.S. officer as Deputy Director.


In very good condition. The hardback binder cover is in good condition, with general signs of use, some wear at the edges and corners, and some marks. The laced binding is good and secure. The text, illustrations, and colour plates are in very good condition, with a few marks and creases, and some wear to the page edges.

Published: 1944
S.H.A.E.F. red hardback binder boards with laced binding
Illustrated with 149 colour plates and 2 large folding coloured maps
Dimensions: 210mm x 320mm
Pages: 204