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WW1 Compass Manual | On Taking Bearings (1917)

On Taking Bearings (1917)

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Captain H. P. Walsh
(3rd Loyal North Lancashire Regiment)

JOHN MURRAY, London, 1917

A WW1 military compass navigation manual, first published by John Murray in 1915. This is the third printing of the first edition, dated August 1917. It is in the same style and format as the 'Imperial Army Series' of military handbooks that were published by John Murray between 1914 and 1918. This book is a concise guide to all aspects of taking accurate compass bearings, including the use of the magnetic compass and military protractor, with particular emphasis on the military application of these skills. The book is well illustrated with coloured diagrams. On Taking Bearings would have been the perfect companion for the service pattern or Verner's compass that was carried by almost all British officers during the First World War.


In good condition. The cover is in good condition, with some marks and a sticker signed by ‘Lt. E. H. Collins’. The binding and hinges are secure. The text and illustrations are in good condition, with a couple of pencilled anotations by the original WW1 owner. The book is signed on the cover and title page by ‘Lt. E. H. Collins’.

Published: 1917
Illustrated with coloured diagrams
Khaki cover with black titling
Dimensions: 105mm x 135mm
Pages: 52