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Rifle Training For War (1940) | Compass Library

Rifle Training For War Manual (1940)

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Captain E. H. Robinson

CASSELL & Co. Ltd, London, 1940

An original WW2 British small arms manual, dating from 1940, covering shooting with the .303 Lee Enfield MK III Service Rifle. This rifle training handbook was first published just after the start of WW1, intended for the volunteers of Kitchener's new army who were being recruited late in 1914. The 1940 revised edition is almost identical, but as it was aimed at the L.D.V. the new illustrations showed Home Guard members rather than WW1 servicemen. It includes full details of the theory and practice of rifle fire. It is illustrated with drawings and diagrams showing how to use the Lee Enfield service rifle. 


In very good condition. The card cover is in  very good condition, with hardly any signs of wear or use. The binding and hinges are very good and secure. The text and illustrations are in very good condition.

Published: 1940
Khaki card covers, red titling
Illustrated with diagrams and drawings
Dimensions: 105mm x 135mm
Pages: 83