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WW1 Royal Navy Warship Recognition Manual (1914)

WW1 Naval Recognition Manual (1914)

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Fred T. Jane

SAMPSON, LOW, MARSTON & Co. Ltd, London, 1914

A WW1 recognition handbook of Royal Navy warships, undated, but published in 1914, around the start of the First World War. It includes details of most of the Royal Navy's ships at that time, including Dreadnoughts, Cruisers, Battleships, Destroyers, Gunboats, Liners, and many other smaller vessels. With silhouettes of each class and type of ship, and brief details of size, speed, armament etc. An invaluable reference work for those interested in the ships of the Royal Navy during WW1.

This book is particularly interesting as it has been annotated throughout, with details and pencil drawings which show considerable specialist knowledge that would have been unavailable to civilians at the time. The annotations include the crossing out of the names of several ships, such as the Lusitania, Cressy, Aboukir, and Good Hope. All those crossed out were sunk between 1914 and 1917, showing that the owner of the book was aware of all the latest sinkings and annotated the book accordingly as the war progressed. It would seem quite likely that the owner was a Naval officer at the time. One intriguing addition is a ‘?’ marked against the name of the destroyer Zulu. Presumably this was because Zulu was unique in that it was only half sunk. On 27 October 1916, off Dover in a minefield laid by the Imperial German submarine UC-1, Zulu's stern was blown off and sank, but the forward section remained afloat. The remains of the ship were successfully towed into port and later attached to the stern of Nubian, which had been torpedoed, to form a new destroyer named HMS Zubian.


In good condition. The boards show signs of wear at the edges, and a few marks. The binding and hinges are good and secure. The text and illustrations are in good condition, with numerous handwritten additions and pencil drawings throughout, and a few marks.

Published: 1914
Blue illustrated boards
Dimensions : 125mm x 180mm
Pages: 63