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WW2 Tank and AFV Recognition manuals (1942-44)

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Part I: British & Allied Turreted AFVs (1942)
Part II: Enemy Turreted AFVs (1943)
Part III: Air /Ground Recognition
of Allied and Enemy AFVs (1944)


A very rare complete 3 volume set of AFV Recognition, the WW2 Tank, A.F.V., and enemy weapons recognition manuals, published by the War Office between 1942 and 1944. The manuals include details, specifications and illustrations of British, German, Italian, Japanese, and european tanks, AFV’s, transport, and armoured cars in use in North Africa, Europe, and the Far East. With details of new developments such as the German Tiger Tank. Among the enemy vehicles covered are German tanks, artillery, APC’s, anti-tank and flak weapons, and various other vehicles, along with uniforms, equipment and weapons of the Axis powers. There are also details of Czech and French tanks which were captured and re-used by the German army. The three volumes are very well illustrated throughout, with numerous black and white photographs, line drawings and diagrams.

Part I (1942) details British and Allied Turreted AFVs - among the many British vehicles covered are the Churchill, Valentine, Matilda, Crusader and Covenanter tanks, and the Humber, and Daimler armoured cars. There  are also details of American, Canadian, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese and French tanks.

Part II (1943) covers Enemy Turreted AFVs - including German, Japanese and Italian tanks AFVs, armoured cars and self propelled artillery.

Part III (1944) covers the Air/Ground Recognition of Allied and Enemy AFVs - with details of the important recognition points for British, American, German and other enemy tanks and AFVs, with many different views and silhouettes.


All three volumes are In good condition. The card covers are in good condition, with general signs of use, and some marks and a couple of slightly creased corners. With ink stamps of the 'Orderly Room, 1st Bn. The Rifle Brigade' on the back covers of Part II and Part III. The stapled bindings are good and secure. The text, photographs and illustrations are in very good condition. Pages 1-2 are missing from Part II and Part III.

Published: 1942-1944 (3 volumes)
Khaki card covers with black titling
Fully illustrated with b/w photographs, line drawings, & diagrams
Dimensions: 100mm x 165mm
Pages: Part 1: 170, Part 2: 128, Part 3: 148